Promptworks, a Philadelphia based software development company, was founded 2013. Since then the company has grown and they were looking to give a slight refresh to their branding as well as updating the current website giving more of a focus on the wide range of services the agency offers.

Before and After logo
Before and After logo with different color variations

The logo only had slight updates. To create a more modern feel the gradients were removed and colors updated to a more subtle color scheme.

Then I began to create a design system to make the website more cohesive and easy to ramp up additional pages.

Design System: Colors
Design System: Typography
Design System: Icons
Design System: Components

Then variations of the homepage, a new navigation, and a few various pages around the site including different speciality services Promptworks offers and some case studies were mocked up.

Promptworks Homepage
Promptworks Mobile Version
Promptworks Mobile Version
Promptworks Services Page
Promptworks Case Studies Homepage
Promptworks Data Color Case Study

After completion of this work the client decided to go with a larger agency for the project.

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